Through analysis of renewable data, we estimate that there was over €50 million of renewable energy wasted in 2019 alone that could have been used in Ireland and Northern Ireland. This happened because there are periods when we create more renewable energy than our grid can handle, leading to curtailment. There is an opportunity to capture some of this surplus renewable energy and redistribute it to citizens on the island of Ireland who are living in fuel poverty. This technology solution could also provide a model whereby excess renewable energy, which would otherwise be curtailed, could be diverted into all homes in Ireland, helping to displace our use of fossil fuels, potentially address localised constraint issues, and achieve our national climate change goals. As a country with a focus on sustainable energy production and that is committed to implementing Ireland’s Climate Action Plan, we believe EnergyCloud has the opportunity to put Ireland into a leadership position in creating solutions for surplus renewable energy rather than simply switching off wind turbines and solar panels which is what happens during periods of very high energy production. We also believe that there is an opportunity to share the solutions we develop with an international community to engage global action.